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Rates (per hour):

NOTE: the rates have recently changed and updates will be posted ASAP

Cessna 172 $105.00
Piper Seneca II Turbo phone for rate
Simulator - Elite Pro $85.00

Private $45.00
Commercial/COT/VOTT $47.50
IFR/Multi $50.00
Instructor Rating $50.00
Outside Aircraft (instruction in your airplane) $60.00
Discovery Flights $65.00
Ground Briefing             **

**ground briefings charged out the same as the course cost above

Ground School (one time - not per hour!)
Private $275.00
Private Ground School Kit $250.00
Commercial $400.00
IFR $400.00

Rates in comparison across the world:
Europe: a piper Cherokee, comparable to a Cessna 172, rents for about $150 U.S./hr, and a twin is $300 U.S./hr plus! reference: Plane and Pilot magazine, Flying In Europe
USA: A random Google™ search revealed rental rates from $70/hr to $90 US for a Cessna 172. You may be surprised to find that most schools charge for headset use, one had a rate of $7 Can. per hour for a headset! (LFC Headset use if free with aircraft rental)
A flight school in Toronto, Canada: Private Pilot ground school - $425, Cessna 172 rental - $103/hr, Simulator (same as ours) - $100/hr.