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Getting Started
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Cessna 172 SP
The most difficult part of flight training is getting started! Many people don't know
how easy it really is to get started. This page will guide you in your quest for
answers about flying as a career. The first step taken towards a career in aviation
starts with a Private Pilot Licence (click to get in-depth info about the licence).
Next comes a Commercial Pilot Licence. There are many misconceptions about
this licence. Most think that you have to attend college and go through endless hours
of training for a Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL), but it is easy! Did you know that
you can attain a CPL right here in Lethbridge?! There are ratings you can add to
your CPL to make yourself more employable in the job market. These ratings
include a Multi-Engine Rating, an Instrument Rating, or a Float Plane Rating, and
according to a recent ATAC (Air Transportation Association of Canada- see "Careers
in Aviation: page) study, there are tons of pilot job's opening up in the next few
years! Now's the time to start training. You are never too young, nor too old. Give us
a call at (403)327-3380 to arrange your discovery flight to the world of flying! Or,
come out and talk to one of our instructors. They would be happy to answer all your
questions and book your first flight with us.
Student financing is available. If you do not qualify for a government student loan, a special aviation training line if credit is available through the TD Bank!