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If you have a foreign Licence already, CLICK HERE this is the Transport Canada website (the government ministry that administers aviation in Canada)
foreign students
Looking to become a Professional Pilot, but the costs are to high? Gain from the Canadian Advantage and learn to fly with a commuter airline in Canada!

Gain The Canadian Advantage!

·    A favorable exchange rate that will make your money go further.
As of February 15, 2002 every US dollar will purchase you $1.60 Canadian dollars
·    Training expenses can be as little as one-quarter of the costs compared to many countries overseas
·    Safe Environment - Canada provides a very safe and stable environment to live and train in.
·    Airspace that is generally far less congested that in the United States or Europe.
·    Canadian Licensing and training standards are widely recognized and are ICAO standard
·    Training Environment - Canada offers a wide range of terrain and weather conditions that will help prepare you to fly in just about any location of the world.

At LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc. our turnkey package will easily launch your career as a professional pilot in no time.  What do we have to offer:

·    Learn to fly along the foothills of the great Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Lethbridge offers a very diverse terrain from foothills, the flatlands, mountain terrain, and with a short flight coastal flying along the Pacific Ocean.
·    Diverse weather conditions teach you to fly in winter and summer conditions.  Lethbridge does boast the most hours of sunshine in Canada to maximize VFR training conditions.
·    LFC is owned and operated by a commuter airline offering you the opportunity to train along side an actual airline.  Gain valuable experience with observation and job shadow programs in a commercial setting.
·    Our Professional Pilot Program is designed to prepare you for all of the training requirements and needs to put you into that first job.
·    Our job placement program will help you prepare you and a professional resume to help you get the first job.  
·    A flight simulator is used as a valuable teaching aid for all levels of instruction including your Instrument rating and skills such as Crew Resource Management.

How Do I Get Started?

It is as easy as 4 simple steps.

Step One:    Contact Us

Contact LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc. in one of the following methods and ask for our application forms for enrollment which will include the pertinent documents for a student visa and immigration.

Please note, if you require printed course material - you will be expected to pay for postage and cost of printing. Please consult with our staff for pricing.

Phone: 403-327-3380 (country code for Canada is 1)
Write:    LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc.
    152 Kenyon Drive
    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
    T1K 7N3

Step Two:    Obtain a Letter of Acceptance

The letter of acceptance is issued by LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc. and will
contain the following information:

·    Description of the nature of the training and where it will take place
·    Start Date of course and estimate duration
·    Estimated cost of course

You will also require a Pilot Medical Exam before the letter can be issued.

Obtaining A Pilot Medical Exam

Prior to investing time and money in the pursuit of a pilot's Licence, the important first step is an examination by an aviation doctor to ensure you are fit to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft.  This is true anywhere in the world.

To fly in Canada, you must apply for a Category I aviation medical for a Commercial License.  Upon passing the exam, Transport Canada issues you with a medical certificate in addition to your student pilot permit.  This can take two to three weeks.  The letter of acceptance cannot be issued until you have your medical documentation.

Foreign students may search the list of Canadian Civil Aviation Examiners that are certified to conduct these examinations in countries other than Canada right here.  A medical examination may also be conducted y an Aviation Medical Examiner designated by the CAA or a member of the International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO).  

Should you require further information or need the appropriate medical form, please contact:

    Transport Canada, Safety and Security
    General Aviation, Personnel Licensing
    Tel:  (613) 990-1058
    Fax:  (613) 990-6215

Once you have received your aviation medical certificate then a copy can be forwarded to LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc. to issue the Letter of Acceptance.

Step Three:    Obtain a Student Visa

Upon receipt of your student pilot permit and you letter of acceptance from LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc., then the next step for taking your training in Canada is to obtain a student authorization form the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

To apply for an authorization you must have:
·    A valid passport
·    A letter of acceptance.  This must be the original, not a photocopy.  It should specify in detail the courses you are taking, confirm that you have been accepted as a student, and indicate the estimated length of study.  Keep this letter after you application to show to immigration officials when you arrive in Canada.
·    Sufficient funds to cover tuition, living expenses and medical insurance.

You must be able to prove you can support yourself and your dependents before a student authorization is issued.  A letter from your bank in your country or a bank draft of a letter from your source of funding will show immigration officials that you can afford to pay your expenses and, if necessary, the expenses of your spouse and dependents while you are in Canada.

Dependents - Husbands and wives of holders of valid student authorizations are eligible for an open employment authorization (provided they are not full-time students themselves) to enable them to take-up employment in Canada.  This can only be obtained after arrival in Canada.

Children of holders of student authorizations are eligible for open student authorizations to permit them to study at post secondary schools in Canada.  These should be applied for prior to entry to Canada.

These expenses include estimated training costs, food, clothing, shelter, books, transportation, medical insurance, entertainment, personal or family needs and return trips home.  In addition, you must:

·    Complete an application form
·    Pay a processing fee and possibly complete an immigration medical

Application Form

You now have to check the Government webiste for the most current news on the application process. This is the site:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Step Four:    Coming to Canada

LFC Flight Centre (2000) Inc. will make arrangements for accommodations and transportation from your point of arrival based on the information provided by yourself on the initial applications for enrollment.  

Accommodations from room and board arrangements to renting an entire house are available through LFC.

Enrollment into an English as a Second Language program is also available to start English or just to improve if required.

Flight to Canada
Information on booking flights to Canada can be obtained from your local travel agency or via the internet.  Your final destination should be either:

·    Calgary, Alberta, Canada - CYYC
·    Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - CYQL

Air Canada Website (online information and booking)

Passport and Visas

When you arrive in Canada, you must show immigration officials the following:

·    Your student authorization (Visa)
·    A valid passport
·    Any letters or papers used to obtain your student authorization

If any documents are missing or incorrect, you could be refused admission to Canada.  Make sure that your documentation is valid for your course length.  If you need more time, apply at an immigration office and allow at least two months for processing.  Do not overstay the date stamped on your passport.  If there is something you don't understand, immigration officers will be happy to help you.  Ensure your passport allows you to return home or to travel to another country.   

Canada Customs

As an international student studying in Canada, you are eligible for certain customs benefits, including the temporary importation into Canada of your household and personal effects.  A number of conditions apply, so before coming to Canada, you should refer to Department of Citizenship and Immigration's Website or the booklet Entering Canada to Study to Work which is available from any Canada Customs office or contacting:
        Revenue Canada
        Customs and Excise
        Travelers Directorate
        MacKenzie Avenue
        Ottawa, Ontario
        K1A 0l5

Working in Canada

International students may be allowed to work while attending school.  Your spouse may also be allowed to work under certain circumstances.  Ask any Canadian Immigration official to give you details on working in Canada as an international student.  

New regulation recently brought into effect allow students who complete a commercial Licence and instructor course to work in Canada as a flight instructor for a period of six months.

This term is renewable subject to a labour market assessment.  This policy is essentially similar to the American J-1 Visa.  Both the Air Transportation Association of Canada (ATAC) and LFC can provide you with additional information regarding these opportunities.

Links: applying for a student authorization Transport Canada medical examiners search.